How Do I Know If The Method Is For Me?

Natural FertilityFAQHow Do I Know If The Method Is For Me?

Learning Fertility Awareness Method is for anyone who is interested in familiarizing herself with her body and all its wonders.  It is for anyone who wants to have tools to help track and balance her health and hormonal system.

 As such, learning the Method is for anyone who is looking for a natural way to prevent pregnancy, without using artificial hormones. Alternately, it is also for anyone who, through understanding her fertility cycle, is planning on getting pregnant.

That being said, the method is not for everyone.

It is a process that takes time, patience and responsibility.  Studying the material and information is different than actually practicing the method.

 Learning the method doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to rely on it to prevent pregnancy, but at the end of the course, you will have enough information to know which way is right for you for right now.  Perhaps later on, your situation will change and you will be able to come back to the method.

 You will need to dedicate time and patience in order to learn your body’s rhythm and patterns.  You should take this into consideration if you are trying to conceive here and now, or if you are looking for a means of birth control.

 Tracking your fertility signs and using the method differs from taking birth control pills, which creates a static situation for the length of your monthly cycle. Without the pill, you might feel the hormonal fluctuations happening in your body. You might notice very nice and interesting patterns and you might experience patterns that are less pleasant such as pains, moods and other symptoms, of which you can treat and balance. On the other hand, if you tend to suffer from different symptoms for taking the pills, they are expected to be gone shortly after you get off the pill

 Our hormonal cycle is affected by night sleep, flights and nutritional deficiencies. So if you work night shifts, or fly very often or suffer from severe nutritional deficiency or an eating disorder, it can be challenging and in some cases impossible to rely on the method to prevent pregnancy.  Therefore it’s recommended to use the method in a more balanced and stable lifestyle.

 In case you experience an unbalanced hormonal system, or different diseases for which you take different medications, it might be more challenging to be able to rely on the method to prevent pregnancy and it might take more time and patience. You might need to take have some treatments that will allow you to get stronger and balanced. It doesn’t mean you can’t start tracking your fertility signs. It’s even recommended to follow them and see the chart changing as you are become more balanced and stronger.

If you are right after birth or breastfeeding, the online course is not enough for you. In this case, I recommend that you have more personal guidance, and be followed more intensely by me.

Unlike other methods, applying the fertility awareness method requires you to take responsibility for your own body. A lot of women are scared of the concept of responsibility, but after you learn the language of your body, and its patterns, you actually learn to trust yourself and your body.  That kind of responsibility feels so right.

The sensations of reclaiming your body increases.

From my experience and the experience of others, the sensation of loving your body increases as well.

If my responses haven’t yet answered your question on whether the method is right for you, you are welcome to contact me and we can figure it out together.

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How does it work?

As it turns out, during the menstrual cycle of each woman, including your own, there is a short window of several days in which you can conceive. These are your fertile days. The rest of the time you are not…

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How effective is this method for pregnancy prevention?

When used correctly, effectiveness of the method reaches nearly 100% and between 76% to 97% in typical use. The big gap in the typical use is created by referring to all the natural methods as one, while each one has…

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Is it a new method?

Not at all, this is a method that has been around since the 1950s and is proven by research. FAM as it exists today, was developed around the same time as the pill was released to the market. Actually, over 150…

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What does the efficacy of FAM depend on?

Studying with a certified teacher in an orderly manner Ensuring guidance along every step of the way. Ensuring a suitable amount of time for the study and practice of the method. Precision when following the instructions and rules of the method. FAM has a…

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How long does the course take?

The course itself is about 7 hours long and is divided into 3 parts.  Applying the learned information for conception purposes can be done immediately.  In order to use the method as your primary device for birth control, there is an initial…

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Who are you?

My name is Avishag Maya, an herbalist and naturopath. I specialize in fertility and sexuality and I am a certified teacher of Fertility Awareness. I received my certification after a two year program studying under Michal Schonbrun in Israel.

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Once I know the material will I be able to have sex without other forms of birth control for most…

As you practice and internalize the materials, you will be able to slowly reduce the number of days you need to use birth control to only your fertile days each cycle.

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Can I use this method if my period is not regular?

Of course. Because the tracking happens on a daily basis and does not rely on statistical averages, this method is also right for women with irregular periods. In a case of irregular cycles, you might need more patience. For example: if…

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What ages is FAM right for? Is the method suitable for teenagers?

FAM is right for any woman of fertile age. Although the information we will learn in this course is vital for very young women to know, I do not believe it is an appropriate method for very young women seeking…

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How Do I Know If The Method Is For Me?

Learning Fertility Awareness Method is for anyone who is interested in familiarizing herself with her body and all its wonders.  It is for anyone who wants to have tools to help track and balance her health and hormonal system.  As such,…

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How do I know if learning the method through an online course is suitable for me?

There are few ways to learn the Fertility Awareness Method and each woman should choose the way that is most suitable for her. Nowadays, you can learn the method privately with a certified teacher or in a small group of women.…

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Can I use this method while breastfeeding?

It is possible to use FAM only while entirely breastfeeding and in a different version than this course. I can instruct women who are breastfeeding and have studied and practiced fertility awareness previously on how to apply FAM to their…

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Why should I learn the method through an online course?

Now I will tell you the great advantages of taking an online course, so you could determine if it’s the right way for you: If you are not sure yet whether the online course is right for you, you may contact…

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If I want to conceive, do I need to take the full version of the course?

If your goal is to conceive, you don’t need the full course. You can take the short version that is dedicated to how to achieve pregnancy faster and easily. With it you will learn how to track 2 out of 3…

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How fast can I apply the method in order to conceive?

Actually right away, as you will now have all of the information.  I will teach you how to track 2 out of 3 of your fertility signs and recognize your fertility window in which you should have intercourse. You could also…

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Is the method suitable only for married women?

In the 50’s when FAM was taught by the Catholic Church , it was taught only to married couples who, according to the church , were the only ones supposed to have intercourse. Nowadays ….there is no such limitation.

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Is the method suitable for women that keep Nidda?

Yes it is. Apparently, FAM is very popular among religious Jewish women, as they can't use some other birth control methods. Some women hold onto the fear that using FAM will decrease the days they can have intercourse.  But actually, using…

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What if my partner resists using the method?

Mostly men, and some women as well, resist something when they don’t understand it, which is the reason why I recommend that your partner read the handouts and watch the videos as well. It is then important to talk about…

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What if my partner resists using any contraceptive method?

Some men hold a negative attitude against preventing pregnancy, in most cases for the reason they want to have children. But each one has his own reason. Some men resist because of their religious beliefs that oppose pregnancy prevention. When a…

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How can my partner be more active in the process of tracking my fertility signs?

Although it seems that I am mostly addressing women, I definitely address men as well. I'm glad to tell you that there are a lot of men who wish to be more involved in the process of achieving or preventing…

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If I chose to apply FAM, does it mean that I have to take my temperature every day?

In the beginning of learning the method, I encourage you to consistently monitor your temperature daily. After acquiring enough skill and experience,  and after sending me your first few charts, you could move to the third part of the course…

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Can I use the method while I'm on the pill /hormonal ring /hormonal IUD?

The answer is no.  You can learn the information,  but it's impossible to track the fertility signs and apply the method because the use of hormones paralyzes the natural hormonal mechanism that creates our cycle and fertility.  Therefore,  it's impossible to…

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Can I use the method if I don’t get my period at all?

If you don’t get your period at all, there may be a variety of possible reasons,  but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your body can suddenly ovulate. For example, if you are breastfeeding, you might not experience ovulation and menstruation,  but…

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Is it true that during menstruation, I'm not fertile?

During menstruation, there is a chance you can be fertile. Apparently, the body starts preparing for ovulation already when bleeding occurs. Women with short cycles can be fertile when they are bleeding and during the days following bleeding. So, the assumption…

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Why can ovulation cause pain?

Some women, during ovulation, get the sensation of pressure, dull pain or actually strong pangs of pain.  There are two common theories regarding this sensation: The first is when LH reaches the ovary, in order to create ovulation. This means removing…

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